Angel Crespo was born in Madrid. One could say that he has always felt a special connection to music and the guitar was his first choice.

But after listening to musicians like Billy Cobham, he discovered the multiple possibilities of the drums. He was so inspired that he decided to become a professional drummer. He started his musical studies in the Conservatorio Superior de Música in Madrid.

There he studied music theory, choir ensemble studies and percussion. His first practice pad was a present from his bother Javier who was fed up of seeing him practicing by beating up on his school books. Years later his oldest brother, Emilio, gave him his first real drum kit (a Honsuy drum set which wasn't in a very good state, but hey…).

He continued his studies learning from books, records, videos and all kinds of material that he could get his hands on.

He started playing professionally with singers and bands of all kinds of music. Amongst those, the most well known are Ana Belén, Victor Manuel, Miguel Bosé, Ketama, Alejandro Sánz, Rosendo, Juan Perro, Luz Casal, Duncan Dhu, Cómplices and the list goes on and on.

He has also worked extensively in recording studios and can be heard on the albums of artists such as Ana Belén and Victor Manuel, Miguel Bosé, Antonio Vega, Hevia, Duncan Dhu, etc, etc.

He has collaborated with several publications that specialize in drums, and he has also devoted part of his time to teaching (both at music schools and privately).

He is sponsored by Mapex drum sets, Zildjian cymbals, Regal Tip drumsticks, Miguelitos Palm Brushes, Evans drumheads, and Trick Pro1-V bass drum pedals.

He was a member of the live band in the musical "We Will Rock You" which premiered in Madrid in October 2003. He also played in the musical "Hoy No Me Puedo Levantar" and
in 2010 he began a two-year tour with the show "Forever King Of Pop" (a tribute to Michael Jackson).

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